Software Development

I have worked with a number of companies developing bespoke software applications across many sectors

Box labeling system for Food processing company using Nicelabel labelling software, integrating with Industrial Weighing indicators & Label Printers

Pallet Labeling \ Inventory \ Dispatch System

Handheld Scanning software using Zebra \ Intermec \ Datalogic Handheld Terminals (Windows Mobile)

Carcass Dispatch \ Weighing Software

Into Boning Quarter Weighing Software

Piece Inspection terminal integrating with PLC Controller to control conveyors

Integration with Marel Streamline Boning Hall system to display performance data for line supervisors

Integration with fixed point datalogic scanners to automate scanning cartons on a conveyor


Utilizing the following applications

  • Visual Studio 2008 – 2017
  • SQL Server 2005 – 2016
  • SQL Server Compact
  • Seagate Crystal Reports
  • Nicelabel \ Bartender Labeling software